Dr. Paul Hegstrom, the founder of LIFE SKILLS INTERNATIONAL and author of the books “Angry Men and the Women Who Love Them” (1999) and “Broken Children/Grown Up Pain” (2001), was an abusive husband and father. a pattern of abusive and reactive behavior drove him to divorce his wife, abandon his children, and nearly lost his life. He has since made a complete recovery, remarried his wife, Judy, and restored his family. Paul’s story of abuse and recovery was documented in an Emmy-nominated CBS 1996 television movie entitled “Unforgivable” starring John Ritter. Paul has been featured on many radio and television programs such as: -Focus on the Family (Dr. James Dobson) -Marriage on the Rocks (TBN) -Sally Jesse Raphael -USA Today -700 Club -Family Life Today (Daystar Television) -The Dana Sturgeon Show (KPRX)  and Moody Radio.
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Celebration Life Skills Executive Director,
Bryce Paup
Bryce Paup is a former American football defensive end and linebacker, who played professionally for the Green Bay Packers (1990–1994), the Buffalo Bills (1995–1997), the Jacksonville Jaguars (1998–1999), and the Minnesota Vikings (2000-2001). Paup, who grew up on a farm in Scranton, Iowa, and had to balance the work he was expected to do on the farm with his deep desire to play football. Bryce played collegiately at the University of Northern Iowa, and was selected by the Packers in the 6th round of the 1990 NFL Draft. He was named the NFL Defensive Player of the Year by the Associated Press in 1995 as a linebacker for the Buffalo Bills and was a four-time Pro Bowl selection.

In 2007 Bryce and his wife Denise came to Life Skills International in Denver with the hope that the program would build their marriage that had suffered through years of hurt and pain that both carried into their relationship. Football was a wonderful career and income for his family, but it was also an escape for Bryce who had been severely wounded as a child. When his career as a professional football player had come to an end, a new and unknown journey needed to begin.

Though Bryce and Denise have been married for twenty years, some of their very best of their years have come after learning that the pains of childhood can be carried with you into adulthood and into every aspect of your marriage unless you are courageous enough to learn the life skills that were not taught or were stolen in childhood. Bryce began to speak out about his own freightening battles and has since shared his appreciation of the Life Skills program to hundreds of men across the country.

In 2007, Bryce became the head coach of the Southwest Trojans Football team in the Green Bay area and uses the tools he learned through life skills to encourage and mentor the young men he coaches. Through his faith and dedication to making the rest of his life one that is honoring to his family, his community, and (most importantly) to God, Bryce and his wife Denise have made a commitment to share the success of Life Skills International to their family, their church family, and the families in their community. Bryce and Denise now have one son, Alex, off to college and five other children at home; Nathan, Rachel, Hailey, and a set of twins Lauren and Paige!